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Thank you for your interest in Marsco USA! We are so excited to share with you our line of high quality inline speed skating custom team apparel. Let me start by giving you a brief history of who we are and how we came to be.


The vision began in November of 2013 with the idea of producing apparel for the speed skater, by a speed skater, and have it made in the USA. Being made in the United Stated of America is important to us for a variety of reasons, as we hope it is to you as well. We have teamed up with a local sports apparel manufacturer who produces the highest of quality, fully sublimated, custom sports apparel for teams. This serves well as logistics, convenience, and the ability to work in person with our manufacturer and design team. We are able to work hands on with them, from start to finish, to create and produce apparel that exceeds the bar set for quality, customer service, and delivery of the final product.


This has been an amazing experience watching and overseeing, first-hand, the apparel being made; from the graphic design process, to sublimation, all the way to the sewing. This allows us to pay close attention to detail every step of the way as your apparel is being made. Your product will be fully inspected, by us personally, before it goes out to you. The partnership with our manufacturer was meant to be. Together we have perfected what we feel are beautifully crafted custom sports apparel for the speed skater that will make every athlete feel like a champion!


Please take a moment to look at what we have to offer. Along with all the made in the USA quality products, remember,the one item that is not listed that will be yours, is a partner, a team member, not just an order taker! We want to work with you to build an amazing custom apparel line for your team to help them feel like the champions you know they are! 



Our Story



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